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Can you fax with magicjack fax

The problem is that magicJack, similar to Vonage and Skype, relies on VoIPan engineering that is not usually compatible with fax equipment. Mostly because fax was set up for analog systems.  MagicJack does not support or indorse faxing. Nevertheless consumers currently have reported irregular success.

Also MagicJack does indeed advocate a few of possible alternatives.
Such as switching off error correction and setting the fax machine to the
particular slow rate and screening till you perhaps locate a speed that runs.

You may require a DSL SPLITTER that you should be able acquire from the
phone company or a discount store. Your current telephone machines and
fax need to be on the PHONE side of the splitter and the DSL connect should
be on the DSL side. In the event that you have DSL in addition to utilizing
magicJack, but your faxing isn’t operating well or doesn’t perform up to par.

Remember none of theses tactics are Endorsed by magicJack.
You try them at your own Risk!

*Hook up your Magic Jack to the computer’s USB port, ideally a USB port in the back of the computer tower if you tend to be utilizing a desktop.

*Enable Magic Jack to install the required software program.

*Hook up the phone cord to the Magic Jack and to your fax machine. Make certain to turn off the error correction on your fax machine in the event it permits you to do this.

*Dial a test out call applying the fax machine to make certain the line is functioning.

*Place the fax machine to the particular slowest fax rate. Send out a test fax at this specific pace.

*Attempt to deliver a fax at all obtainable velocity settings permitted by the fax machine. An individual might be capable to deliver faxes at particular speeds, however faster settings might not necessarily function. Test every setting to discover the types that perform for your own fax machine.

Remember none of theses tactics are Endorsed by magicJack.
You try them at your own Risk!